iCare Provider Portal Access

iCare is proud to announce new enhancements to the Provider Portal. Not only does the portal provide access to member eligibility, claim and authorization information, but now providers can reset their own passwords, submit claims for Long Term Care Professional waiver services and control security levels of users under the Office Management function.

New iCare providers will be required to complete the new registration process. You can begin that process by emailing the complete Portal Access Request Form to A PIN letter containing your unique PIN number will be provided by iCare. If you have not received your PIN Letter, please contact iCare at to obtain your unique PIN Number.

Existing iCare providers will be able to use their existing User ID and Password to gain access to the new Provider Portal. If you no longer have your PIN Letter, please contact iCare at to obtain your unique PIN number.

The new iCare Portal User Guide provides step by step instructions for registration, outlines existing functionality as well as the new improvements. If you have any questions please, please contact

To access iCare's new Provider Portal, click here.

iCare is excited to bring new portal features to our providers, as we understand that you use this tool to obtain vital information. Please take the time to become familiar with our new portal guide as well as the portal itself. iCare is committed to making continuous improvements which will include additional enhancements throughout the 4th quarter. Please feel free to contact with any suggestions.

Elizabeth Faceson
Lead Operations Specialist

Modified: 2/6/2017


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